Services may be purchased individually, mix and match, or as a package

Print Book Interior Formatting
(up to 60,000 words; add $10 for each
additional 10,000 words )
  • Includes title page, front matter, table of contents, headers and footers

  • Drop caps at chapter beginnings

  • Basic proofreading (More extensive copy editing available for $0.01 a word)

  • Produces a PDF manuscript ready for uploading on most POD publishing platforms


Cover Creation
  • Attractive, modern front cover design

  • Back cover with book description and author bio

  • Includes 3 revisions


EBook Formatting
  • Appropriate front and back matter

  • Cover image

  • Table of contents with linked page numbers

  • Formatted for tablet and phone viewing


Coaching Session
  • A phone or video conference to walk you through the steps of Amazon account creation and publishing

  • Provides live help with meta data, listing details, pricing, rights, etc.

  • Up to 2 hours

  • No other purchase of services required


Publishing Package

  • Manuscript formatting

  • Front and back cover design

  • Ebook creation

  • Will create your Amazon listing for you and bring book to full publication

  • You will retain all rights and royalties and maintain your own account after publication is completed.


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