I'm Willow Feller, launcher of this publishing services company. With a calling to introduce fellow authors to the art of DIY publishing, I offer the proofreading, formatting and design services needed to craft a completed manuscript ready for uploading to Amazon or other self-publishing websites.

I started this company as a way to upcycle my regret over publishing my first book through what was billed as a traditional publisher. That's a long, sad story involving a minefield of pitfalls and my stubborn insistence that I could rush headlong through it. Suffice it to say I didn't make it through unscathed.


After picking myself and my first novel up from the battlefield, I began a regimen of manuscript preparation research. I thoroughly learned the ins and outs of MS Word and how to apply those to the printing industry formatting requirements. I found myself loving the process, so then went on to create and self-publish my next two books. It was only a matter of time before I began taking on projects for other authors.


Looking back now, I see Green Withy Press as the trail I've blazed. I will guide you on this self-publishing path to the place where, together, we can build your book, your way. It's a practical route that allows you to retain all rights and control over your work, including the ability to make changes to your book at any time.

The world is changing fast and the publishing industry is changing even faster. Let's get your book printed and out there today.